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“Why Owners Have the Most to Gain”
Capitalizing on the Immense Transformative Power of Technology and Innovation: Driving Change from the Top Down

Owners and developers have enough on their plates without the need to worry about construction technology or delivery methods. However, the fact is that too many construction projects are delivered behind schedule and over budget. Change

orders and delays are so common that up to 10 percent contingencies have become necessary just to obtain financing or surety.


Until now, rather than curing the disease, the industry has been masking the symptoms with increased contingencies, longer

schedules and increased budgets to compensate for its shortcomings. The industry has reached a boiling point. Owners and developers must drive change from the top down and require new legal standards of care and best practices. In other words, innovate or evaporate!


What is the return on investment? It is more prudent to consider: “What does it cost to not require intelligent jobsite technologies?”


Owners and developers have the most to gain and, therefore, must encourage the deployment of modern construction methods to solve our industry’s most pressing problems including:

   •  Creating new jobs and economic growth

   •  Maximizing profits and minimizing waste

   •  Workforce development and onsite mentoring

   •  Transferring knowledge to the next generation

   •  Leveling the playing field for small business and M/WBE’s

   •  Bridging the digital divide between design and construction



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