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Intelligent Jobsites Roundtables

Virtual and In-person

The Intelligent Jobsites Roundtables are a platform to gather data and share intelligence to advance the mission of Revolutionizing the Real Estate and Construction Industries.


With New York poised to become the capital of advanced Real Estate & Construction Technologies, we are leading an international initiative. Intelligent Jobsites is comprised of private and public partners focusing on the immense transformative power of technology and innovation.


We implement “best practices” and are creating “the new legal standard of care” how construction is performed worldwide. Our solutions stimulate economic growth, new job creation, and workforce development; resulting in reduced costs, improved quality control, and risk mitigation. We bridge the digital divide between all members of the design and constructions teams by connecting intelligent people with intelligent technologies.


2017 Conference

2019 Symposium

Coming March 2019

"Intelligent Jobsites, the Future is Now"




At Theo University, our goal is to create a

virtual, interactive, digital classroom to give workers the skills that connect the mechanical and digital worlds 


Intelligent Jobsites "driving"

Intelligent Cities 

"The Expert's Guide to Revolutionizing the Real Estate and Construction Industries"

By invitation only, we are organizing industry luminaires and stakeholders from the Real Estate & Construction Industries to "co-author" a chapter or contribute to the expert's guide. 

Past Conferences



The real estate and construction industries exceed ten trillion dollars in global output. They are the foundation and driving forces of the world economy. Combined they account for nearly fourteen percent (14 %) of US GDP, yet both remain one of the least inefficient, due to the lack of innovation.


To address these global issues, Theometrics & the Intelligent Jobsites Alliance has launched construction’s technological revolution by advancing adoption of “disruptive technologies” and methodologies like cloud computing, Building Information Modeling (BIM) virtual reality, artificial intelligence, Blockchain and Theometrics.


The Intelligent Jobsites Alliance is a global platform upon which experts and industry leaders partner in “Revolutionizing The Real Estate and Construction Industries” ™ with a mission of driving both industries into the 21st Century and a secondary purpose of “Making New York the Capital of Advanced

Real Estate and Construction Technologies.”™


By leveraging the transformative power of technology and innovation, we are bridging the digital divide between design and construction while eliminating the barriers between the industries. We are maximizing the benefits for all stakeholders; leading to best practices and new legal standards.

Join us, as partners in progress, as we lead real estate’s and construction’s technological revolution!



Past Participants

Call for Presentations


Call for Presentations

for our 2019 Conference

"The Future is Now"

Look for the upcoming dates and details.

Request for submission of presentations and

Recommendation of experts & sponsors

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