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Theometrics "driving" Intelligent Cities

October, 2017 


Theometrics Intelligent Jobsites are making New York, Better Stronger, Faster and Smart ™ by leading Construction, Real-estate and Agriculture Industries Technological Revolution.™


Stathis Enterprises and Theometrics Intelligent Jobsites were at center stage Governor Cuomo's MWBE Forum in Albany, October 4th and 5th 2017. Their Eastern Seaboard Initiatives focus on education, workforce development, job creation and economic stimulus. With Private and Public Partnerships (p3's) they have created a bridge between education and a career or entrepreneurship. Theometrics are the solution for the skilled workforce shortage and unemployment dilemma across the United States of America.

Co-Mentorships vs. Appenticeship

June 14, 2017

Our children's future is not a partisan issue so let’s just get on board! Apprenticeship programs, boot camps, and co-mentoring programs are the best way to address the skilled workforce shortage we are experiencing. Great dangers lurk as the economy improves. Slowly but steadily construction is experiencing a technological revolution. We will need new "craftsman" by the million but less recognized is "THE UNTAPPED GOLDMINE" for our technically savvy next generation; new graduates, in debt and largely unemployed or underpaid. Not just jobs we are talking, Silicon Valley like, growth opportunities for existing tech companies and new entrepreneurs. Your thoughts? Theometrics Intelligent Jobsites

Theometrics Intelligent Jobsites 2017 Become a Partner in Progress Advancing Constructions Technological Revolution

March 13, 2017

Better, stronger, faster and smarter: Three years after Hurricane Sandy destroyed Theometrics construction robots and key components, we have rebuilt them. From inception, R&D, patents and product development we have invested more than the cost of the Bionic Man.


July 11, 2017

Theometrics partners with new start up, Zebrametrics. Intelligent jobsites, intelligent zebras. 

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