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The Intelligent Jobsites Alliance is a global platform upon which experts and industry leaders partner in “Revolutionizing The Real Estate and Construction Industries.”™


Theometrics Intelligent Jobsites pioneered the revolution with the goal of bridging the digital divide between design and construction with a secondary purpose Making New York the Capital of Advanced Construction Technologies.™

The movement has evolved into Bridging The Fragmentation Between the Real Estate and Construction Industries™ with The Expressway Between Education and a Career.™


About Us

We assemble private and public partners to resolve the greatest challenges facing two of the largest industries in the world by unleashing the immense transformative power of technology and innovation, while carefully considering the economic, social and environmental impact of our initiatives.


Both industries had become complacent, inefficient, high risk, unaffordable and unsustainable. We raised awareness and found solutions to these challenges. By driving adoption of “disruptive technologies” like Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Theometrics, we stimulate economic growth, create new jobs,  advocate best practices and created the new legal standard of care.

Real Estate and Construction is the foundation of the American and world economy. Great challenges require great solutions, which create even greater opportunities and we unveil them all here. Join us as partners in the progress to: advance the Third Industrial Revolution, Shape Our Children's Future while “Revolutionizing The Real Estate and Construction Industries.” ™


In addition to the economic resolutions, we confront the skilled workforce shortages head on. We focus heavily on education, experiential learning and workforce development and believe that continuing education or technical retraining delivered at conferences, in the class rooms, online, or on-the-job are the keys to solving our greatest problems. We partner with the best in the world to create curriculum, educate all of the stakeholder's and certify the leading professionals, tradesman, and entrepreneurs that will be “Advancing the Industries of the Future.” ™


“There is Little Benefit from Technology or Innovation without Implementation!”

Sam Stathis, Founder and Chair

The Intelligent Jobsites Alliance


Our Mission is to Revolutionize

the Real Estate & Construction Industries

The Intelligent


Command Center


driven by Theometrics

They are designed to command, control, communicate & collaborate

in real time.

Take one for a

test drive

Whether you’re virtually collaborating across the world or across the street, Intelligent Jobsites technologies connect you to the "boots on the ground" in real time.



Gathering and Delivering Intelligence

2019 Initiatives

01 / Roundtables

Gathering and Sharing Intelligence

02 / Education

Intelligence Delivered

At Conferences and Expositions

At Universities, Trade Schools, Union Programs and Online Education

The Intelligent Jobsites Roundtables will serve as a platform to gather data and information to advance the mission of the Intelligent Jobsites Alliance;

To Revolutionize the Real Estate

& Construction Industries


In the Boardroom and on Construction Jobsites

Through Written Publications

The Expert's Guide to Revolutionizing the Real Estate and Construction Industries

Theometrics Robotics Construction 

Stakeholder's Benefits

“Why Owners Have the Most to Gain”

Capitalizing on the Immense Transformative Power of Technology and Innovation:

Driving Change from the Top Down


Intelligent Jobsites Alliance
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